About us

Who are we?

The co-founders of Sipka & Simon Attorneys at Law continue their activities in a professional cooperation with a long history, the basic principle of which is to ensure the interests of their clients with a professional presence and a success-oriented approach in targeted areas of law.

Dr. Péter Máté Sipka is an innovative attorney-at-law with practical and academic experience, who made it his primary goal to solve the practical problems of domestic and international labour law and economic law of the 21st century, as well as legislative challenges.

As an agile lawyer, Dr. István Simon-Andrasitz solves the legal problems he faces with the interests of his clients in mind, by clarifying legislative uncertainties as soon as possible, thus offering his clients full support.

What is our vision?

Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers was founded on the principle of providing our clients with comprehensive, personalised and innovative services. Our services are not only provided along the lines of the classical activities of attorneys-at-law: we seek to find systematic solutions to the challenges of today’s world.

If it is possible, we are present in our clients’ operations right from the planning stage of a given process, and we think together with them. Our philosophy is therefore based on addressing our clients’ needs in a complex way, covering all areas of law, and delivering a deliberate and effective result.

We believe that thinking with a success-oriented approach can ensure success and secure and reliable business interest of our partners and, last but not least, be the pinnacle of our profession.

Our areas of expertise
  • Civil law
  • Labour law
  • Company law
  • Company procedure
  • Administrative law