Our services

For companies
For start-ups

Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers provides start-ups with a full range of legal services from the establishment of the entity to the need for successful and profitable operation. Within this, Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers provides the following services.

  • Establishment of companies
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Regulations
For operating companies

During their operation, enterprises face the problems generated by a rapidly changing and expanding regulatory environment, which requires a high level of expertise. In view of this, our association provides complex services for the operation in compliance with the legal provisions.

  • Amendments of companies, structuring and restructuring of companies
  • Full review of current operations, process analysis
  • Legal counselling in person
  • Attendance at company meetings and conferences
  • Data protection audit
  • Representation in court proceedings, out-of-court representation, debt recovery
  • Preparation of regulations
  • Preparation of documents, opinion on contracts
  • Preparation and support of international presence
  • Compliance preparation
  • Representation in company proceedings
For individuals

We provide assistance for the important transactions and legal problems of individuals.

  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Out-of-court representation
  • Preparation of documents
  • Legal counselling
For civil society organisations

Civil society organisations form an integral part of our modern world, ensuring a civic presence in society. Our association provides full legal support to civil society organisations on request, as follows.

  • Establishment of civil society organisations
  • Support of the registration of a change in the information of the civil society organisations
  • Support of the termination without succession of the civil society organisations
For county and local governments

Our association is highly experienced in providing legal support to county and local governments.

  • General legal assistance, legal counselling
  • Opinions and amendments of regulations
  • Support of the preparation of decisions/decrees of the local governments